Choosing an image for your ANZ designmycard
What kind of image can I use for my ANZ designmycard?
You can use any image that has been saved in an electronic format (a 'digital image'), as long as the image is large enough to print well onto your card*. This includes:
  • images taken with a digital camera
  • images taken with a mobile phone
  • images scanned or received via email
  • images stored on your computer, disc or CD-ROM

You must own the copyright in the image or have express permission from the copyright owner to use the image on your card.

* Your digital image dimensions should be at least 480 x 480 pixels. Please refer to the following question 'What dimensions should my image be?' for information on how to check the dimensions of your image.

What dimensions should my image be?

Your digital image should be at least 480 x 480 pixels. If your image is smaller than this it may not reproduce well on your ANZ designmycard. To check the dimensions of your image:

1. Open your image in a browser (eg Internet Explorer).
2. Right mouse click on your image.
3. Choose 'Properties'. The Properties window will open.
4. The 'Dimensions' of your image will be shown under the 'General' tab.

Please refer to your mobile phone or digital camera manual for how to change image dimensions.

What image formats can I use for my ANZ designmycard?
Your image must be in one of these formats: JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg), Bitmap (*.bmp), GIF (*.gif) or TIFF (*.tiff).
What if I have a photo - not a digital image - that I want to use for my ANZ designmycard?
If you don't have a digital copy of the image you want to use for your ANZ designmycard, you can scan a photo and save it to your computer or to disk.
Can I use a black and white image for my ANZ designmycard?
Yes, you can use black and white, single-colour or full-colour images for your ANZ designmycard.
How big will the image on my ANZ designmycard be?
The image on your ANZ designmycard can measure up to a maximum size of 85mm x 55mm.