Editing your ANZ designmycard image
Can I edit my original image so that it looks better on my ANZ designmycard?
Yes, you can use the card design tools to scale, rotate, flip and move your image until you have the design you want.
  • The 'scale' bar lets you change the size of your image.
  • The 'rotate' tool lets you turn your image 90-degrees at a time.
  • The 'flip' tool lets you create a mirror image (left to right).
  • The 'move' tool helps you place the image exactly where you want it.
Can I improve the quality of my original image when I edit it?
No, the image on your ANZ designmycard will be the same quality as your original image. If your original is blurred or grainy, the image will appear the same way on your ANZ designmycard. For best results, choose a clear, sharply focused image to begin with.
Will editing my image for my ANZ designmycard change the original image saved on my computer?
No, when you upload your image to the ANZ designmycard website, you are editing a copy of the original image to place on your ANZ designmycard. The original image is stored on your computer and will not be modified.
Can I change my image if I'm not happy with it?
You will be provided with an online preview of your image before you order your ANZ designmycard. If you are not happy with the image when previewed, you can start again with the same image, use a new image of your own or choose one from our image library.