Privacy and security
What happens to my image once I have uploaded it?
If your image is accepted, we will securely store it so that it can be printed on any replacement ANZ designmycard within 34 months for Access cards.

After that, we will delete your image from our system. We may store a small copy of the image longer than this for audit purposes.

If the image you submit is rejected, your image will be promptly deleted from our system.
How secure is the ANZ designmycard website?
The ANZ designmycard website and application form use 128-bit encryption. Please read the ANZ Website Security and Privacy Statement for further information on encryption.
If my image is rejected, what happens to the data in support of my ANZ designmycard request?
The image and other information you submit will be promptly destroyed. The ANZ Website Security and Privacy Statement also details how ANZ will collect, use and disclose your personal information.
Will I be required to enter my account information on any links found on the emails I receive from ANZ?
ANZ does not send emails containing links requesting you to provide any account information such as passwords, customer relationship numbers or any other personal information (like date of birth, address etc).