Technical questions about ANZ designmycard
Do I need special software to design my ANZ designmycard?
You will need Flash player 6.0 (or above) to be able to edit your image. If you don't already have Flash player, you can download it for free from
What image formats can I use for my ANZ designmycard?
Your image must be in one of these formats: JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg), Bitmap (*.bmp), GIF (*.gif) or TIFF (*.tiff).
How big can the image file I use for my ANZ designmycard be?
We recommend that you use an image file that is between 300Kb and 3MB. Images that are smaller than 300Kb may look grainy when you enlarge them. The maximum file size accepted by the ANZ designmycard website is 8MB.
How long will it take to upload my image?
The time it takes to upload your image will depend on your computer's connection speed. For a 1MB file, you can expect the following wait times:

Connection speed Upload time (approximately)
56.6 kbps 5 minutes
128 kbps (ISDN) 1.5 minutes
256 kbps (LAN) 40 seconds
T1 6 seconds